Access-centered support for events#

The Turing Way hosts a variety of events throughout the year: virtual Collaboration Cafes, coworking calls, Book Dash events and onboarding sessions (which are being trialed in 2024).

All of The Turing Way community calls are hosted on either a remote-first and/or hybrid-basis.

In order to enable the widest participation possible, and overcome any possible barriers that may prevent paricipation or negatively affect their experience, we aim to provide the following support for each call.

All of The Turing Way community calls adhere to the project’s Code of Conduct.

Support we would like to provide in the future#

Currently, we are not able to support the following practices within community calls.

  1. Live transcription and/or translation: While we have previously hosted social sessions at our biannual Book Dash in Spanish, the vast amount of our trainings and community calls are hosted in English. We would love to support more calls in more languages in the future.