Publishing Contributors#

Keeping track of contributions of all types is important: both code and non-code contributors. Within The Turing Way, contributors are kept track of and published in the book’s Record of Contributions. The rationale and guidance for acknowledging contributions are explained in Acknowledging Contributors

The information for the Record of Contributions page’s three subsections are sourced from different places. This page documents how these sources are combined to create the Record of Contributions.

Personal Highlights#

The Personal Highlights section is taken directly from in the root of the repository. This is inserted into verbatim using the include docutils directive.

To modify this section you would change and rebuild the book.

All Contributors#

The All Contributors section displays the same all contributors table as

The information to build this table is contained in .all-contributorsrc, the configuration file for all contributors. This JSON file controls the appearance of the table and also specifies where to write the all contributors table in the "files" list. Each time the all contributors bot or CLI is run the table will be written to files in the "files" list.

The table is inserted as HTML between the following sets of tags:

<!-- ALL-CONTRIBUTORS-LIST:START - Do not remove or modify this section -->
<!-- prettier-ignore-start -->
<!-- markdownlint-disable -->
<!-- markdownlint-restore -->
<!-- prettier-ignore-end -->


You shouldn’t need to make changes to the HTML directly. Furthermore, it will be overwritten often by the all contributors bot. Manual changes to the contributors list, such as adding a contributor or regenerating the table, can be made using the all contributors CLI.

Collaborating Organisations and Projects#

The description of the Collaborating Organisation and Projects should be directly written in file in the ‘Afterword’ of the book.