Project Maintenance#

An open source project allows many people to make contributions in the form of issues and pull requests. Community members can also perform reviews and provide feedback comments on the ideas and changes which they or others have suggested. These ideas and discussions lead to a better quality of resources that are developed collaboratively and bring new perspectives regarding a particular feature. Such a review process is a common practice in small tech companies or start-ups where different teams work together to develop high-quality production level code or resources. The major role of a maintainer is to provide support with keeping the existing code updated by keeping track of new contributions. Whenever a new feature is added or a new idea is proposed in a project, the corresponding changes must be made in relevant resources in the project and the documentation. It requires opening,deleting and linking important issues, reviewing, labelling, changing the stages, merging and closing important pull requests. A common understanding of version control systems, markdown and open source workflow helps to a great extent in carrying out all these tasks.