Community Coworking Calls#

The concept of coworking is generally associated with the practice of sharing physical office space with different people who work independently such as remote employees or freelancers. This allows people, who otherwise may feel isolated while working alone at home, to use traditional office setups, create a work routine, and build a sense of companionship with others who they share their office spaces with.

The Turing Way community is distributed around the world. Our members are from diverse backgrounds, different skills and interests, working many different jobs, and contribute to this project for a great variety of reasons. They are also, for the most part, unpaid to contribute to this open source project.

We bring the practice of coworking to The Turing Way using online coworking calls, through which we intend to develop a sense of energy and inspiration similar to in-person interactions but without the time and travel commitments.

An illustration of a group of people who are working together and discussing something

Fig. 173 An illustration of a group coworking. Royalty free image from Many Pixels. Our coworking calls provide opportunities for community members to allocate time to their desired tasks in The Turing Way and get them done, partially or fully, with the support of others in the call who can help discuss their plans, share ideas or hold accountability.#

In this chapter, you will learn about the motivation behind holding coworking calls, techniques we use for making effective use of the allocated time, the two types of calls we host: Collaboration Cafes and Weekly Coworking, and their formats.

We want to make collaborative events like these as useful as possible for as many people as possible. Please let the team members know if there are other ways we can make these calls more welcoming and helpful for you.