Template Collection#

This page serves as an index for all the template resources provided within The Turing Way Community Handbook

An illustration of a persona, probably an architect making a sketch

Fig. 178 Illustration of a process of sketching. Royalty free image from Many Pixels#

Book Dash Events#

There are four MarkDown templates for the shared notes (HackMD), feedback and GitHub issue for organising and running The Turing Way Book Dash events. These templates can be reused and adapted for different events within and outside The Turing Way community.

Coworking calls#

There are two MarkDown templates for the shared notes (HackMD) during the coworking calls hosted for The Turing Way community:

Newsletter Draft#

As discussed in the Newsletter chapter, we use a template outlined as a guide for collecting news items for the The Turing Way newsletters and it constantly changes as per the activities in the community.