Online Resources#

This document provides valuable resources for you to implement in successful academia-industry collaborations. It offers practical guidance through a curated list of “Turing Way Resources” and explores relevant academic publications. Additionally, the document includes resources for writing case studies of such collaborations.

Academic Resources#

The continual tension of rigour vs. relevance remains both the opportunity for new knowledge while also serving as one of the many reasons collaborations sometimes struggle to provide meaningful value. The following is a list of academic publication exploring the benefits and challenges of academic-industry collaborations.

Title and link

Journal/Parent Resource


Academic–industry collaborations and knowledge co-production in the social sciences

Journal of Sociology


When Collaboration Bridges Institutions: The Impact of University–Industry Collaboration on Academic Productivity

Organization Science


Academic Collaborations with Industry: Lessons for the Future

Journal of Investigative Medicine


Research Collaborations between Academia and Industry

Future of Software Engineering Conference


The double-edged sword of industry collaboration: Evidence from engineering academics in the UK

Research Policy


Mapping the field: a bibliometric analysis of the literature on university–industry collaborations

The Journal of Technology Transfer


A Spatial Temporal Exploration of Factors Motivating Academia-Industry Collaboration

Journal of the Knowledge Economy


Challenges and best practices in industry-academia collaborations in software engineering: A systematic literature review

Information and Software Technology


University‐industry collaboration: Grafting the entrepreneurial paradigm onto academic structures

European Journal of Innovation Management


Industry Resources#

Title and Link

Data Science: From Academia to Industry

Academia-Industry Collaboration Best Practices Guide

Case Study Writing#

Case study templates are crucial for ensuring clear and consistent reporting of academia-industry collaborations. They provide a structured framework to capture key details and effectively communicate the project’s goals, methods, and outcomes. Below are some resources from The Turing Way to help you effectively communicate your collaborations.

A case study writing template for industry-academia collaborations is currently being developed and will be shared here as a resource. This would then become the preferred case study reporting template when contributing to the case study library