Checklist for Code Testing#

This checklist contains a lot of items. As mentioned before, it is far better to do some of the items than none of them. Do not be discouraged if this list of tasks seems insurmountable.

Writing tests#

  • Write a few smoke tests.

  • Write unit tests for all your code units.

  • Write integration tests to check the integration between units.

  • Write a few system tests. Prioritise common and important paths through the program.

  • Write regression tests. Regression tests can exist at any level of testing.

  • If appropriate for your project write acceptance tests.

  • Add runtime tests into your project.

Good practice checks#

  • Document the tests and how to run them.

    • Write scripts to set up and configure any resources that are needed to run the tests.

  • Pick and make use of a testing framework.

  • Run the tests regularly.

    • Automate the process of running tests. Consider making use of continuous integration (see continuous integration chapter) to do this.

  • Check the code coverage of your tests and try to improve it.

  • Engage in code review with a partner.