The Turing Way Monthly Newsletters#

The Turing Way team releases newsletters every month to share the latest updates with the community and beyond. These newsletters include event announcements, updates from the project, highlights from the community, useful resources for new and existing contributors, promotion of any ongoing efforts, impact stories of long-standing members and shoutouts to relevant online activities.

While we send our newsletters by email to our subscribed members, we simultaneously publish and archive them online on Buttondown so that anyone outside the community can also learn about the project.

The main purpose and motivations for publishing these newsletters are the following:

  1. Reflect on the team’s and community’s project goals and any important milestones achieved in the last month

  2. Highlight and celebrate ongoing work and notable efforts of the community members and document them

  3. Share information about any upcoming events and opportunities for our members

  4. Maintain ongoing connections with the subscribed members

Newsletters are drafted by The Turing Way Research Community Manager with contributions from the project team and the community. Currently, Anne Lee Steele drafts the newsletters that are proofread and co-published with Malvika Sharan and Kirstie Whitaker.

In this chapter, we share the process we have established in The Turing Way for collecting news items, drafting the newsletter, documenting any additional updates shared by community members and publishing them through Buttondown.