Acknowledging Contributors#

The Turing Way is collaboratively developed by its diverse community of researchers, learners, educators, and other stakeholders. This project can simply not exist without the collaborative nature of this project and the willingness of our community members to work cooperatively to create this book.

Everyone has a skill that is useful for someone, and therefore anyone can contribute to The Turing Way. We value all kinds of contributions in this project and are committed to recognising each of them fairly.

This illustration shows that the traditional acknowledgement system is broken then it shows how we try to acknowledge them fairly. We have a contributors bot that catches all the contributors information and stores them in contributors record

Fig. 133 The process of acknowledging contributors in The Turing Way. The Turing Way project illustration by Scriberia. Used under a CC-BY 4.0 licence. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3332807.#

We recognise all kinds of contributions that are possible in this project. We update our Contributors Table by appropriately acknowledging our contributors’ work within The Turing Way. Furthermore, we invite every community member to update the Record of Contributions with their personal highlights in The Turing Way and use it for promoting their contributions to open science in general.

In this chapter, we provide details on the following aspects:

  • who our contributors and community members are

  • how we create opportunities for a shared ownership of this project

  • how we can use record of contributions to highlight work of our community members

  • what the different types and possible pathways for contributions exist in The Turing Way