Selection and Preparation Process

This subchapter explains the process of selection and logistics for organising the book dash.

Selection of the book dash participants

The designated selection panel meets after they have individually scored the applications using the rubrics defined in the previous subchapter. They agree upon a final set of up to 15 participants selected to participate in the book dash. The panel members also create constructive feedback on the application that can be shared with the applicants who were not selected so that they can assess other pathways to engage with the project and core team.

All applicants are contacted at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure that they can assess their situation and availability for the book dash.

Upon confirmation, they are provided with registration details through which they can share any information that can help them and the organisers prepare for the book dash. Participants are asked to get familiarised with The Turing Way GitHub repository where they will make their contributions during the book dash. The project’s contributing guidelines and Code of Conduct are also shared with the participants that are applicable to the book dash as well.

To further support the participants, pre-event calls are hosted and further details are shared directly by email (discussed in the next subchapter).

The names of the selected participants are announced in The Turing Way newsletter and social media platforms upon agreement with the participants.

Logistics for organising book dash

We have created the following checklists, which is chronologically structured to help organise book dash online or in-person. This checklist is also available as a GitHub issue for planning that can be reused.

  • [ ] Finalise dates based on the location and organisers’ availability

  • [ ] Book location for in-person events

  • [ ] Set up an online platform (Zoom, or other accessible software) for remote collaboration

  • [ ] Set up a form (see a template here) for application by updating the previous version of the form

  • [ ] Discuss with co-organisers if some resources (such as email drafts or templates) need to be updated

  • [ ] Write a short description for online advertisement

  • [ ] Clearly state the following information in an application form and later communicate by email with the selected participants:

    • what financial support will be available for either online or in-person events

    • What arrangements will be available for online (such as online helpers and designated mentors) or on-site (such as quiet room and child care) for in-person events

    • Include accessibility information such as live captioning for in-person events and quiet room/child nursing room for in-person events

    • Mention the maximum limit for financial support request for online (such as for headphones) and in-person (such as for travel and accommodation) events

  • [ ] Announce in the newsletter and promote on twitter at least 2-3 months in advance

  • [ ] Think about who else needs to be invited, like Artists, speakers, more diverse participants

  • [ ] Identify helpers from the core members and invite them

  • [ ] Send a reminder in next newsletters with more details if needed

  • [ ] Set an Eventbrite page with a registration code for the selected participants

  • [ ] Close the application round in time (1-2 months ahead of the event)

  • [ ] Set-up a form for reviewing applications (see Rubrics for scoring applications for details)

  • [ ] Review applications in a designated panel using Book Dash Rubrics for selection

  • [ ] Send an email to the selected attendees with registration

  • [ ] Send an email to the unselected attendees with feedback

  • [ ] Update presentation for introducing the project to the participants on day-1 of the book dash

  • [ ] Update shared HackMD for pre-event calls<ch-template-bookdash-precall>, book dash event and feedback

  • [ ] Provide details on Code of Conduct, contribution guideline and ways to get involved in an ongoing discussion

  • [ ] Prepare a care-package as a token of thanks for everyone involved

Additional task for an online event

  • [ ] State the requirement and expectation of the event

    • An active GitHub account

    • Some experience with using GitHub

    • Familiarity with contribution guideline and Code of Conduct

    • A full working day time commitment

    • Willingness to collaborate with others

    • Participation at least one pre-book-dash call or a Collaboration Cafe

  • [ ] Discuss with the participants the possibility of creating 3 short days, rather than 1 full workday commitment to ensure flexibility

  • [ ] Collect address where a care package for them can be delivered

Additional task for an in-person Event

  • [ ] Collate participants’ preference for travel, meal, accommodation, and accessibility request through the registration form

  • [ ] Send an email to the participants regarding their travel, accommodation, schedule, and meal

  • [ ] Book dinner for people for day-1

  • [ ] Book hotels rooms for people who requested accommodation

    • [ ] Double-check with each participant if their plan as given on their registration hasn’t changed

  • [ ] Book travel for those who requested

    • [ ] Double-check with each participant if their plan as given on their registration hasn’t changed

  • [ ] Book catering for lunch and coffee breaks

  • [ ] Mention that the event will offer a vegetarian meal as default - and ask participants to get in touch if another meal-type is required

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